Paper Status

Status of each paper shall be available in the (top navigation bars) conference website The paper selection process of IEEE ICAECT 2020 and the description for “status” of the paper are as below:  

Paper selection process #
Step 1 (Received) Abstracts* / full length papers received will be given paper ID** in relevant to the conference topic and track.
Step 2 (Under Screening) Initial screening review will be done by the Technical Program Committee of IEEE ICAECT 2020. Initial screening include relevance to the conference topic, plagiarism***, organization of the paper, quality of figures/diagrams/illustrations/equations and etc.
Step 3 (Under Review) Papers got through Step 2 alone will be forwarded to technical review process.      
Step 4 (Revision) Corresponding author will be notified the outcome of the review process and the revised version of the manuscript shall be submitted within fifteen days on the date of intimation.
Step 5 (Under Review) Revised version of the papers will be sent for reviewer to ensure that all the suggested corrections have been carried out. If the reviewer recommended for minor revision TPC recommends its decision to the organizing Chair on the paper. 
Step 6 (Accept / Reject) Final decision will be taken by the organizing chair based on the recommendations by the reviewers / TPC and the same will be intimated to the corresponding authors.
Step 7 (CRP Received / Not Received) status of the Camera Ready Paper after the acceptance.
Step 8: (REG Complete / Pending) Status of the registration


# No paper will be accepted without screening review and technical review process
* Full length papers shall be submitted in order to consider the paper for review process.
** Paper ID will be provided all the received papers with in ONE working day from Authors are requested to contact the TPC through, If the paper ID had not received within the time frame.
*** TPC of IEEE ICAECT 2020 check for possible plagiarism TWICE, first after receiving the paper and then at the stage of acceptance. Though IEEE ICAECT carefully check for plagiarism there are some possibilities for wrong plagiarism results, hence ICAECT encourages the authors to take sole responsibility for plagiarism when they submit their papers.    

Authors who did not receive the paper ID or other paper status relevant queries shall be forwarded to


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