Topics (but not limited to)

Electrical Engineering (EE)

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  • Smartgrids
  • Soft Computing Techniques in Power Systems
  • Feedback Control Systems
  • Power Electronics and Energy Efficient Drives
  • Renewable Power Conversion Technologies
  • Instrumentation and Control
  • Power Quality Improvement Techniques
  • Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Computer Science (CS)

  • Geo-informative Systems
  • Grid Computing
  • Pervasive Computing
  • Digital Image and Video Processing
  • Computer Vision and Image Analysis
  • Data Mining and Cloud Computing

Electronics and Communication (EC)

  • Broad Band Communication
  • Computer and Intelligent Communication
  • Mobile and Optical Communication
  • Wireless Communication
  • Mobile and Optical Networks
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Network Security
  • Advanced VLSI Systems
  • Embedded Wireless Systems

Sustainable Technologies (ST)

  • Principles of sustainable systems
  • Technology Development
  • Metrics for technology evaluation
  • Green Technology
  • Applied Renewable Technologies
  • Energy Management and Power Systems
  • Sustainable Transportation Technologies
  • Feedback Systems

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